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Hi everyone, just wanted to tell you that Seamus T.V. is on Twitter. So if you you have any more questions, Direct Message me, and I will get back to you ASAP. As for jugago, what is the title of the quest you are stuck on? I just finished Following his Footsteps, and have finished some side- quests you get in Megaton. Bye!


Fallout 3

Hey jugago, I’m shooting Person of Interest tomorrow and I will be able to solve your problem then. Try Gamespot, That’s where I get my info. Thanks for the contact, Seamus T.V.

Fallout 3

Hey guys, just re- started playing my Xbox 360 and played Fallout 3. Amazing game!!! It’s like Oblivion with guns. Awesome!!! If you’ve played Oblivion or Fallout, and are having trouble at all, leave a comment!

Person Of Interest

Hey guys, I have some very exiting news! I just booked a new T.V. show called Person Of Interest. I just finished the script and it is awesome!!! They haven’t started filming yet, but I’ve gone to the studio to do some family photos with the other actors. Soooo exited!!!

Two Days

Hi everyone any welcome to Seamus T.V.  This “T.V.” show is going to be basically about movie/ video game reviews. this isn’t like any other blog because it’s going to be hosted by me, Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick,( I will talking about how auditions go and also about how my life is.  I’ll also give you some choices and you guys can help figure out what game I’ll get next!  This blog is open now, but I’m actually going to starting doing what I just talked about on my first day of school, August 29th 2011