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Batman or Khajiit?

September 22, 2011

Hey guys, just wanted some help on pre-ordering. Ya see, I looooooove Batman, but, I also looooooove being a Khajiit in Oblivion. So, I’m doing my very own blogger’s choice. Blogger’s choice is when I get feedback about games I want to get. What I do is I give you some game choices, and you tell me which one you think I should get. I take votes by the amount of comments there are for which games. After I take the votes, the game with the most votes is the game I get.

-Seamus TV


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  1. hey seamus, both games are great but I think you should buy the batman, this great, plus you have to see this trailer , the video will give response which game to buy. ;), Bye by liam. good luck

  2. hi seamus, unfortunately I must go away for a long time but I want to congratulate seamustv, is great fun and I loved to exchange views with you. I hope you go super and we will write more later. att: liam

  3. Hey Liam, I just wanted to tell you that I got Skyrim. I listened to some friends outside the blog, and they said to get Skyrim. They watch my blog and also call me and comment. I’m sorry to tell you, but Liam, you lost 2 to 1. At least thanks for submitting in your answer! I will definitely do this again.

    Seamus TV

  4. jeje ok, both games are great, enjoy it and wait for a new versus game:). goes on to comment on your blog. bye

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