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Lvl. 11!

I was just playing Skyrim and got to a level 11 in one night! I am a Kajiit and have also joined the Theives Guild.


Skyrim: Coming Soon!!

I can’t wait! Skyrim is coming out in *THREE* days!! I am very exited and have pre-ordered it as my first pre-order stake out. If anyone else is, even though it’s late, tell me what race they are going to be, and why. Can’t wait!!


-Seamus T.V.

Moonrise Kingdom/Skyrim PARTY!!!

Hi everyone! I think I forgot to tell you guys something. I missed a lot of school last year, and that was because I was shooting a movie called Moonrise Kingdom. You can search it on and get a full description. I alsoo started a new Youtube account today, so that means I will start doing webshows soon.

I know it says The Seaus TV, but that’s just because someone already took the original Seamus TV name. Also, I am going to do a Skyrim PARTY!!! If you have Pre-ordered Skyrim, AND if you are going to be there at midnight to pick it up, after you start playing, I want you to tell me when you beat the first quest. I will probably have to go to bed, for it comes out on a school night, so you will beat me if you are that hardcore and  awake. Let’s hear it for Bethedsa, for reating such awesome games as the Elder Scrolls series, and the Fallout series!

-Seamus TV

Batman or Khajiit?

Hey guys, just wanted some help on pre-ordering. Ya see, I looooooove Batman, but, I also looooooove being a Khajiit in Oblivion. So, I’m doing my very own blogger’s choice. Blogger’s choice is when I get feedback about games I want to get. What I do is I give you some game choices, and you tell me which one you think I should get. I take votes by the amount of comments there are for which games. After I take the votes, the game with the most votes is the game I get.

-Seamus TV

Killzone 3

Hey guys, just wanted to tell you that Killzone 3 is AWESOME!!!!! If you guys have Killzone 3 or Assassin’s creed brotherhood, Direct Message me on Twitter giving me your PS3 Online ID at Seamus TV.

Thanks, Seamus TV

Killzone 3

Hey guys, I just expanded my game library!!!! Just yesterday I bought Killzone 3. I didn’t get to play it yet, but, I will be playing it this afternoon. If you have any questions, comment or tweet!

Bye, Seamus TV

Normal Life?

Hey guys, I finally am going back to school and finished Person of Interest! So, I might be going back to playing video games & tweeting & blogging, and a normal acting life! Liam, I’m sorry, but I have the original Fallout 3, and not the DLC Operation Anchorage. If you have any questions about games, movies, or my life, comment & tweet on my profile, Seamus TV.

Seamus TV